A 30-day evaluation copy of Yuzinji is available to download. This short video demonstrates how to obtain and install it.

Click here for information about system requirements.

Note: Video contains no audio track

In summary:

  1. Visit structure101.com.
  2. Download Structure101g Studio.
  3. Install and run. Note that the video above shows how to add a license file. This is no longer necessary in the latest version of Structure101g Studio.
  4. Add the Yuzinji flavor. The video above shows this being done by choosing Flavors\Install from the menu bar. In the latest Structure101g Studio you are prompted to choose flavors on first startup.
  5. Read the Yuzinji documentation to complete the server-side installation.

Please note that the section titles in the above video mis-number sections 4 and 5, displaying them as 3 and 4.

If you're ready to purchase Yuzinji, click here.