Maximise productivity

Our tools for InterSystems ObjectScript and M developers are unparalleled in the industry. They enable programmers to maximize productivity whilst creating software of consistently high quality.



Deltanji is a flexible version control and configuration management tool. It enables you to record and control the changes made to software and documents, resulting in better project management and higher quality releases. Previously called VC/m, Deltanji runs on Windows, macOS, UNIX/Linux and OpenVMS. A free Solo edition is available.


Serenji is a multi-platform visual editor and editor for InterSystems ObjectScript code, implemented as a Visual Studio Code extension. It enables faster development and bug fixing by providing a powerful and intuitive environment in which to step through code and make corrections.


By exporting your definitions in XMI format, Umlanji enables you to model your InterSystems classes using UML tools such as ArgoUML, Enterprise Architect and Visual Paradigm. Umlanji works with InterSystems Atelier and Studio on all platforms.


Yuzinji is a toolset that enables you to analyze the structure of your ObjectScript codebase. By harnessing the power of Structure101 from Headway Software, Yuzinji reveals 'fat' and 'tangled' areas in your software, helps you monitor change, and allows you to simulate refactoring.


RE/cos automatically analyzes and documents the code and structure of applications written using Caché ObjectScript, enabling you to increase productivity, reduce costs and extend the life span of the application. A variant called RE/m is also available for GT.M, YottaDB, DSM, MSM, DTM, and ISM.


RE/data is a database design recovery tool for legacy M Technology applications. It creates and verifies a database design, describing the contents and structure of your database. Once created, this information can be exported to in a variety of formats to third-party products, InterSystems Objects and KB-SQL.


RE/metrics produces analysis and metrics for your ObjectScript or M application code, including the McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity measure. A free edition is available, as well as an enterprise edition for bigger codebases.


RE/parser is a table-driven, fully-configurable code parser for ObjectScript and M applications. It is the core engine of all our RE/* products. It enables you to build custom applications which parse your source code and report on or transform the code according to your specifications.