Yuzinji is an innovative toolset that helps you quickly and easily understand and refine your software.

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Complex codebases often contain obscure interdependencies that make them increasingly difficult to update, debug and test. Without a way to visualize your architecture, some structural problems become almost impossible to rectify.

Yuzinji introduces to the InterSystems world the award-winning power of Structure101.

  Using Yuzinji with Structure101
  • Explore the structure of your Caché codebase.
  • Investigate dependencies at many levels – packages, classes and methods.
  • Visualize as matrices or graphs.
  • Identify tangled and 'fat' regions.
  • Locate clusters and orphans.
  • Model the impact of making changes to your code architecture.
  • Plan a refactoring effort.
  • Produce an action list and publish it to developers.

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