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Language sensitive program code analyzer and transformer for Caché ObjectScript and M based applications


RE/parser can be used in two ways:

As an add-on to RE/cos, RE/m or RE/data

It can help you to get more information out of the code being analyzed by customizing the parser tables to understand more about the way your applications are written.

As a stand-alone product

RE/parser can be used to re-engineer M code by replacing what it parses with user-specified constructs.

Examples of usage

The following is a sample list of ways that RE/parser can be used:

  • Validation that code conforms to the ANSI standard for M
  • Validation that code conforms to in-house programming standards
  • Validation that all global references refer to items which exist in a data dictionary
  • Validation that code conforms to specified naming conventions
  • Validation that code conforms to a 'house style' for format and layout
  • Re-structuring of code with one syntactic element to another (e.g. replace all occurrences of variable A with B)
  • Conversion of code from one M implementation to another
  • Identification and substitution of literal strings for language translation

RE/parser has a fully defined API (application program interface) which enables it to be integrated within your own development environment (e.g. linked to your own programming editor) so that it can be invoked directly whenever it is needed.

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