Harness the power of UML

Model your Caché and Ensemble classes

Umlanji lets you visualize your Caché and Ensemble classes as UML Class Diagrams

As the number of Caché or Ensemble classes in your application increases it becomes harder to keep track of how they all fit together.

  • When new members join your development team, can you explain to them how it all works?
  • During team discussions about how and where to add new functionality, do you find it hard to communicate your ideas effectively to one another?

Modeling can help. In recent years the Unified Modeling Language™ has been widely adopted to specify, visualize, and document models of software systems, including their structure and design. Many UML™-based modeling tools exist. The XML Metadata Interchange (XMI®) specification has made it easier to transfer UML modeling information between software tools.

See a Demo

Launch a Flash demonstration of Umlanji in a pop-up window. Watch how classes are exported from Caché and loaded into a UML modeling tool to create a class diagram.

Try Umlanji's Output Yourself

Download a zip file containing two sample XMI exports generated on Caché 5.0.4. One contains the Cinema package from the SAMPLES namespace. The other contains DocBook and DocBook.UI. Load these into your UML tool.

For a more extensive evaluation, contact us.

Umlanji lets you start to harness the power of UML in your Caché and Ensemble development projects. To find out more, use the menu on the left of your browser or request further information.