Managing Global Components

Deltanji can be used to manage any part of a global, anything from a single node to a whole global.

Global components can be entered with or without a close bracket at the end of a subscript. In the Deltanji database, the component name is stored without the ^ character but with the close bracket, e.g. A("ABC")

G and GZ component types

Two component drivers are available for globals. Type G is the usual driver. Type GZ should be used for globals which contain control characters. The main difference in processing between the two is when writing to the F storage format. Components of type G are written out in an ASCII format text file. This is inappropriate for a global which contains control characters.

An error is given when a user tries to check in a global which contains control characters but is registered as type G. This behavior can be over-ridden by setting the following node:

set ^%vcct("G","param","allowControlChars")=1