Adding Namespaces via the Wizard

The 'Add Namespaces' wizard is a key feature of the Solo edition of Deltanji. However it can also be used in other editions.

The first time the wizard is run you may be asked to confirm that a simple standard workflow should be configured for you.

Adding Namespaces

1. From the menu bar choose System -> Add Namespaces...

2. Set the checkbox against each namespace you want Deltanji to start managing code in.

3. When you click OK the following steps will be performed for each namespace you selected:

Add Global, Routine
& Package Mappings
Your cache.cpf configuration file will be updated to give the namespace access to the Deltanji code and repository.

Add Value to
Templating Variable
If a templating variable called namespace exists, the selected namespace will be added to the set of values this variable has.

Derive Templated
Any systems, locations, location lists and transfer routes that derive from templates referencing {namespace} will be generated.

If it is not possible for Deltanji to add the necessary mappings to a namespace automatically its row in the list will be disabled. Add the mappings manually using Management Portal, then return to the wizard. The entry will now be selectable.