Deltanji is the successor to VC/m, a mature and respected software source code management tool widely used by developers working on InterSystems platforms.

Configuration Management Manage which version of each code component is in each namespace. Migrate code between development, test and live environments in a controlled, reliable and audited way.
Versioning Store successive versions of code components in a central repository for reference and comparison. Track changes over time.
Process Control Control who can move which code where and when. Make it easier for team members to follow your procedures correctly.
For Software Developers Group together the code components being modified to implement each application change. Manage concurrent development, branching and merging.
For Quality Assurance Teams Add changes to your QA environments in a controlled way. Approve successful changes and return failures to developers.
For Release Engineers Control what version of each code component is included in a software release. Package code, deploy it in an audited manner, and roll back a deployment if necessary.
For Project Managers Manage the units of change. Analyze the status of work in progress and monitor each project against its deadline.

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