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Serenji debug in just one click with zero configuration

Debug in just one 
click with zero

Serenji direct navigation to the origination of your error

Direct navigation to
the origination
of your error

Serenji view and modify variables at each stack level

View and modify
variables at each
stack level

Serenji integration with server-side source control

Integration with 
server-side source
control available

Since it was launched over 20 years ago Serenji has become a staple tool for all InterSystems developers. Following its success, we re-engineered it as a fully integrated VS Code extension to provide seamless integration with namespaces in your InterSystems environments.

Serenji focuses on the debug experience and introduces zero configuration for users. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Serenji is always ready to go in just one click so you don’t lose focus by spending time setting up a launch configuration.

This enhanced debugger also takes advantage of the latest features of VS Code itself. With this powerful combination, you’ll be able to smoothly identify and quickly fix errors in your code, contributing to the production of quality, maintainable code. 

A simple and straightforward debugger for VS Code

- user of serenji

/ Features

Debug in just one click with zero configuration. Run ObjectScript code directly without debugging. 

Execute one command at a time, stepping in, out or over each statement. 

Set breakpoints and watchpoints dynamically. 

View and modify variables at each stack level. 

Direct navigation to the line in the source file where the error originated. 

Option integration with server-side source control. 

Browse, explore and edit ObjectScript (cls, Mac, int, inc and csp) directly on the server. 

/ Extras

/ Compatibility

Serenji works on Windows, macOS, and Linux workstations, with the following InterSystems environments:

*  InterSystems IRIS
*  IRIS for Health
*  Ensemble
*  Caché
*  HealthShare

/ Licensing

Serenji file explorer and editor are free to use, you will only need a license for the debugging capabilities. 

£395 / $495 / €495 per named user

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