The Library

The library functions as a repository for every object that is registered to your Deltanji environment. For each object, it stores both the most recent version and as many earlier ones as the users wish.

Most Deltanji environments are configured to have one multi-version location as their library, although some complex ones spread their libraries over multiple locations.

In a typical development cycle, the master object version is copied from the library (checked-out) into a working location as the master copy of a new version of the object. Once development work is finished, this master copy is returned to the library (checked in) before being released.

Distinguishing Between Library Locations and Library-view Locations

It is important to note the difference between library location and a library-view location. Library locations are in fact a type of library-view location. The difference between them and other library-view locations is that library locations are designed to contain the master version of every object version in the Deltanji environment.

Other library-view locations contain object versions which are in the library repository, but are in a specific state or at a particular stage of development. A location for failed object versions is one example. Just like a library location, it is a multi-version location that maps to the repository. The difference is that objects are only transferred there if they have failed testing.

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