Licensing and Maintenance

  • A Deltanji license key is for a specific edition (Solo, Team, Enterprise or Deploy) and a specific license unit (LU) capacity.
  • License keys are perpetual. They do not expire.
  • Solo edition has a fixed LU capacity of 1, and a fixed username of 'User'.
  • For Team and Enterprise editions a Deltanji license key permits one named user to be specified for each LU it has. A user can be deleted when no longer required, and their LU reused to define a new user.
  • A Deploy edition license provides single concurrent user capacity. It may only be used to deploy installation packages created by a licensed Deltanji instance.
  • Optional annual maintenance is charged according to the LU capacity of the license. It provides online support (web and email) for the licensed Deltanji instance plus upgrade rights to new releases of Deltanji without charge. For all editions except Solo it also includes interactive support by telephone, webconference or (subject to you providing suitable facilities) remote access.
  • For Team and Enterprise editions, extra LUs may be added to a license key at any time. They will be charged according to the price list current at the time of their purchase. If an annual maintenance contract is active for the license key that is receiving the capacity upgrade then an additional charge will be made at LU purchase time to uprate the size of the maintenance contract until its next renewal date.
  • A purchased Deltanji license key may be used by multiple instances of Deltanji providing that all those instances BOTH (a) reference a shared common user list (part of the Deltanji database); AND (b) access the same copy of the license key file in the host operating system. Multiple instances of Deltanji that cannot be set up to meet these requirements will each require a separate license key.
  • Each LU of Deltanji Team and Enterprise editions purchased entitles you to a 1-user license for Beyond Compare Professional Edition from Scooter Software. This license supplied by us and is subject to Scooter Software's applicable terms and conditions. It is licensed on a per user basis.
  • Additional Beyond Compare licenses can be purchased if required.


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