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Deltanji is our version control tool that effectively organizes, documents, and manages continually evolving systems, improving the quality of both the development process and overall system.

It has been widely adopted by software consultants, large international organizations, and everyone in between working with InterSystems environments, and we offer a range of editions to suit different requirements. 

Source control that effectively controls the changes we make

- user of Deltanji

How Deltanji works

Deltanji encourages configuration management, versioning, and process control within your system, bringing clarity to the development of your system and improving the quality of your code.

Configuration management enables users to manage which version of each code component is in each namespace. Code can be migrated between development, test, and live environments in a controlled and reliable way. 

Versioning provides easy reference and comparison as successive versions of code components are stores in a central repository, with changes tracked over time. Code can also be compared utilising the Beyond Compare add-on. 

Procedures can be made easier to follow as with Deltanji you can configure who is able to move which code where and when. 

Proven to benefit the whole team

Software developers can group the code components being modified to implement each application, as well as the ability to manage concurrent development, branching, and merging.

Quality assurance teams will be able to quickly approve successful changes and easily return any failures to developers. Changes can also be added to QA environments in a controlled way. 

Release engineers have control over what version of each code component is included in a software release. Code can be packaged and deployed in an audited manner and easily rolled back if necessary. 

Project managers will benefit from easy-to-run reports providing visibility of projects, with the ability to analyze the status of work and monitor it against deadlines.  

/ Features

Multi-version code reponsitory.

Change requests linking related code changes. 

Configurable workflow.

Support for branching and merging. 

Distributed code management including packaging and deployment. 

Comprehensive audit history.

Tight integration with InterSystems code editing tools. 

/ Extras

/ Editions

We offer four editions of Deltanji: 

*  Solo – predefined workflow for single-user versioning of code in namespaces on a personal instance of Caché etc.
*  Team – configurable workflow for multiple users working in a single shared environment.
*  Enterprise – ultimate code management across multiple environments connected using InterSystems ECP.
*  Deploy – controlled installation into live environments of release packages created by a Deltanji Enterprise instance.

/ Compatibility

Deltanji requires either the Apache or Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers, and is compatible with the following InterSystems-supported operating system: 
*  InterSystems IRIS
*  Caché 2008.1 or later (†)
*  Ensemble 
*  HealthShare

The Deltanji web client works with the following browsers: 
*  Chrome
*  Edge
*  Firefox
*  Internet Explorer 9 or later
*  Safari

(†) for Deltanji Solo, Caché 2009.1 or later is required.

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