Caché Command Line Extensions

Applies to: Caché 5.x and later, Ensemble

George James Software has developed a useful program which provides some additional commands for working with Caché and Ensemble at the command line. This is available as a free download.

The program includes a variety of commands which make it easier and more convenient to perform certain frequently-required actions. The commands and their use are as follows:

zzcdChange namespace
zzg%G without Device prompt
zzh[elp]Write this help information
zzj[ob]Display/manipulate Job Table
zzl[ock]Display/manipulate Lock Table
zzpatchPatch %G to display $list data in human readable form
zzs[erenji]Serenji Shell (if installed)
zzssSystem Status
zzsysChange to %SYS namespace
zzv[cm]VC/m version and configuration management (if installed)
zzw[rite]Lists all local variables and all open Object instances
- Variables are indented to indicate the stack level at which they were defined.
- Lists are displayed in human readable form.
- Object properties are listed in a hierarchical manner.
zzw[rite] oRefLists single Object oRef

The download file is a zipped routine save file which contains three routines:

You can download the free Caché Command Line Extensions (size: 5 KB) by completing the registration form.

To install the package: unzip the file and restore the routine save file into the %SYS namespace of your Caché or Ensemble system.

Last reviewed: July 22, 2009